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AfriForum’s Springs branch donates new pump for water cart to extinguish fires

 AfriForum’s Springs branch donated a new water pump to the Endicott and Vischkuil communities for their water cart. The branch decided to support the community because residents of smallholdings in the area must often face serious fires.

The branch also bought a new engine for the water cart after it broke down. The Endicott community is remote: It takes about 30 minutes for any help to arrive. They are therefore dependent on a working water cart to manage fires themselves.

Since the water pump has been replaced, the community brought 34 fires under control or extinguished them.

“All neighbourhood and farm watches that are actively involved in firefighting are provided with the necessary safety equipment and breathing masks. Although fires are on the increase, we will continue to give the needed support to keep the situation under control,” says Roben Collen, Chairperson for Safety of AfriForum’s Endicott farm watch.


“It is extremely important that communities take responsibility for their environment so that we can support one another in emergencies. Training and equipment play a decisive role in the correct managing of these cases, and the branch management therefore also focuses on continuous training,” says Cornel Swart, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Springs branch.

Join your local AfriForum neighbourhood watch today: SMS “Buurtwag” to 45342 (R1).

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