AfriForum’s Vryheid branch paints pedestrian crossings

The AfriForum branch in Vryheid this past week started painting various pedestrian crossings in order to improve road safety in the town. This forms part of the branch’s do-it-yourself actions. A number of pedestrian crossings have not been maintained properly by the local municipality for a while now and have subsequently become quite dangerous for public use.   

Lady Jane, a local business selling paint, donated 50 litres road paint to the branch.

“It is with absolute pride that Lady Jane could donate the paint for the maintenance of our town’s roads. We feel that this is the least that we can give back to our town and its residents. We don’t always realise that after a while every drop fills the bucket,” says the team at Lady Jane. 

“AfriForum’s Vryheid branch identified the dangerous pedestrian crossings after complaints were received that accidents nearly took place at these crossings seeing as no maintenance is being performed. That is why we started with this project and will continue with it for the next week,” says André van der Walt, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Vryheid branch. 

“AfriForum is following a twin strategy to get the authorities as far as fulfilling their obligations, but is also putting shoulder to the wheel to perform some of the work ourselves. By simply ignoring these problems, we are in fact damaging our own future,” says Eugene van Aswegen, AfriForum’s Provincial Coordinator for KwaZulu-Natal.

Lady Jane would like to challenge other businesses to also become involved with similar projects, no matter how small their contributions might be.

Help your community and become involved with AfriForum today: SMS “Vryheid” to 45267 (R1).

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