AfriForum’s Westonaria branch plans to counter littering

The AfriForum branch in Westonaria on 13 September launched its Drom jou Rommel project to counter the recent poor decision-making by the Westonaria Local Municipality.

“The Westonaria Local Municipality’s decision to close the Libanon landfill site over weekends because the site is already overflowing, encouraged us as the Westonaria branch of AfriForum to launch the Drom jou Rommel project. During the course of this project we will be placing waste containers at strategic areas in the town and as such we are actively tackling the waste problem in Westonaria,” says Esther Swart, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Westonaria branch.

This project is however only a temporary solution and the Westonaria branch management is requesting the community to support AfriForum during similar projects to consequently keep the environment clean.

“Our entire town currently looks like a landfill site due to the fact that the official landfill site is still not being managed according to the required standards and is also not receiving adequate funding. During the past three years, no service provider has stepped forward to give the necessary attention to the site at the remuneration being offered by the Municipality. Tenders are offered in vain, of which the latest round already closes on 20 September. In the meantime, an attempt must still be made to improve these precarious circumstances and that is why we as branch decided to launch this project for the next three months,” concludes Swart.

Waste containers will be delivered at the following places:

  • Cnr Edelweiss and Dias Streets, Westonaria;
  • Cnr West and Creswell Streets (on the side of the cemetery road), Westonaria; and
  • Cnr Main and Van der Bijl Streets, Venterspos.

Become involved at your local AfriForum branch today: SMS “Westonaria” to 45342 (R1).

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