AfriForum’s #YourTown campaign: Bethal branch fills potholes

With the help of Bethal residents’ contributions, the AfriForum branch in Bethal again filled potholes in this town and completed other repair projects. These projects form part of AfriForum’s #YourTown campaign, which is aimed at personally solving problems in towns.

Turnkey Civils Group and All City Towing helped to fill potholes in a section of Kleijnhans Street, between Malherbe and Moses Kotane (N17) Streets, as well as most of the potholes in Malherbe Street. More than 150 bags of tar were used during this project. AfriForum completely repaired Kleijnhans Street two years ago, but the holes started to form again in the meantime. According to Jan Uys from AfriForum’s Bethal branch more than 1 950 bags of tar have thus far been used to fill potholes in this town in 2018.

A hole in Malherbe Street – which the Govan Mbeki Local Municipality dug to repair a pipe – was also filled. The municipality filled this hole slovenly and left it as such. The heap of soil was left in the road for months and was later removed by the AfriForum branch in Bethal.

“It is shocking that the municipality allows our town to be ruined. Safety risks are as a matter of fact being worsened seeing that they do not complete their work properly and leave behind a mess for others to clean up,” says Ingrid Human from AfriForum’s Bethal branch.

The branch and Venter Construction and Renovation also tended to the garden at the Nestlé bridge. Flower pots were repainted and all the weeds were removed from the garden. The potholes on the bridge itself was also filled. After complaints from residents another project was launched to clean the local cemetery and cut the grass.

“With the help of Bethal’s residents we will continue to fight the decline of our once beautiful town,” says Hennie Bekker, AfriForum’s District Coordinator in the Lowveld.

Become involved with AfriForum’s Bethal branch: SMS “Bethal” to 45350 (R1).

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