AfriForum’s #YourTown campaign: Kimberley branch disinfects school grounds

AfriForum’s Kimberley branch cleaned up and disinfected the grounds of the Barkly West Primary School on 12 October 2018 after it was flooded with sewage for the third time. The project forms part of AfriForum’s #YourTown campaign and was supervised by Kobus van den Berg, Chairperson of the Kimberley branch, and Dawie Griesel, Chairperson of the community safety portfolio.

The municipal pumps often break down and are not repaired timeously. This results in sewage floods that are so bad that some of the classrooms are even flooded. The branch removed the remainder of the sewage and then disinfected the grounds with the help of the branch’s fire-fighter.

“We hope that the school will open again on Monday and that learners will be able to continue their education in a clean, safe environment,” Van den Berg says.

“I am proud of the Kimberley branch for taking the initiative to solve the problem, which not only put learners’ health at risk, but also violated their basic right to education. We will definitely monitor the situation and assist the community to the best of our abilities,” says Lize-Mari Smit, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the Karoo.

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