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AfriForum’s Zeerust neighbourhood watch achieves many successes in July

The AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Zeerust achieved various successes in July, besides the fact that they regularly ride patrols to safeguard the community. The neighbourhood watch has cameras in town enabling them to identify risks and crime immediately. In the month of July the Zeerust neighbourhood watch reacted to eight housebreakings, three theft attempts at cellphone towers (one attempt of the suspects unfortunately succeeded) and three suspicious vehicles that were observed.

“There is good cooperation between all the roleplayers and information is shared making tasks easier. We however appeal to the public to report cases to the SAPS, so that justice can hopefully prevail and that accurate statistics can be created. It also helps the neighbourhood watch to identify problem points and areas and more patrols are then ridden in those areas,” says Pierre van der Walt, leader of AfriForum’s Zeerust neighbourhood watch.

“These successes are once again proof that AfriForum’s specialist training, equipment, local and national radio networks and cooperation with other roleplayers are extremely successful. The fact that community members can communicate information directly to the neighbourhood watch makes quick action by the neighbourhood watch possible. Good cooperation between the neighbourhood watch, police and local safety organisations enables us to assist the community in times of need,” says Joseph Renaud, AfriForum’s Head of Safety for the central region.

“We are very grateful towards the AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Zeerust. It is truly a sacrifice and a decision that is taken by people to make their community safer for everyone living there. The neighbourhood watch does major work in helping to safeguard their communities,” says Petrus Coetzee, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for Marico.

Become involved with AfriForum’s Zeerust neighbourhood watch today still: SMS “Zeerust” to 45353 (R1).

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