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#AfriForumStandsTogether for Schools: Requests for aid packages pour in

AfriForum and AfriForum Youth on 5 June 2020 distributed more aid packages for schools all over the country as part of the #AfriForumStandsTogether for Schools project. This followed after requests from hundreds of schools were received by the civil rights watchdog because the schools still had not received assistance from the Department of Basic Education to reopen safely. A total of 300 packages were distributed today to reach schools in the week of 8 June 2020 when schools provisionally will open for learners in Grades 7 and 12.

The school aid package contains COVID-19 information documents, patterns for face masks, classroom posters, electronic thermometers, hand sanitiser and hand sanitiser stands.

AfriForum’s community structures have already disinfected numerous schools and as part of this project more than 40 000 units of hand sanitiser, 8 000 posters and 200 thermometers were distributed to schools across the country.

“AfriForum will not stand by and watch schools suffer under poor communication and the incompetence of the Department of Basic Education. AfriForum supports schools and views these packages as essential for all schools. We are pleased to be able to support schools in this way,” says Carien Bloem, manager for Education at AfriForum.

“While the state focus on restricting products and services, they ignore their responsibility towards the youth. This is why our organisations are supporting staff and learners with this initiative,” says Bernard Pieters, manager for AfriForum Youth.

According to Johan Kruger, AfriForum’s head of Community Development, the #AfriForumStandsTogether for Schools project forms part of AfriForum’s COVID-19 community plan to promote health in communities during the pandemic. “It comes as no surprise that the state is unwilling or unable to get our schools ready for reopening. AfriForum’s branches are now acting to assist communities who want to help themselves,” Kruger explains.

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