#AnchorTownRoadshow: AfriForum ensures road safety in Waverley

The AfriForum branch in Waverley repainted faded and removed road signs around schools on Wednesday 27 February. This action forms part of AfriForum’s #AnchorTownRoadshow that was launched to renovate our towns and areas.

Together with the community, AfriForum repainted all road signs – which comprised mostly stop signs – around Hoërskool Oos-Moot and Laerskool Wonderboom-Suid. Traffic circles and speed bumps in Codonia Avenue were also repainted.

About 50 volunteers were part of the project, which was headed by a contractor appointed by AfriForum’s Waverley branch. “We are happy to see that the community stands together to address issues that worry them, and that they set to work themselves,” says Jaco Grobbelaar, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the Greater Pretoria North.

“It is essential to renovate road signs to promote the safety of motorists and learners. Although we have already painted 15 stop signs, we are worried about the general lack of stop signage in Waverley. We therefore implore the municipality to help AfriForum to paint these. AfriForum will continue with the project, however, to ensure that Waverley’s roads are safe for all,” Grobbelaar concludes.

AfriForum encourages community members to become involved in initiatives that address their needs. Visit www.ankerdorp.co.za for more information about the #AnchorTownRoadshow.

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