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The AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Benoni worked hard in August to safeguard the community, while both the neighbourhood watch and the branch in the town showed significant growth.

The neighbourhood watch covered a total of 7 795 km during patrols in August that took 677 man-hours. The patrollers, among others, assisted at four vehicle accident scenes, they helped to track three missing persons and they also helped to extinguish eight fires in the area.

In addition, the branch grew with 34 new members during the month, of which 23 also joined the neighbourhood watch as patrol members. All the new and existing neighbourhood watch members received basic training to be able to act within the framework of the law in various situations.

The branch also on 21 August completed a clean-up and renovation project at the Benoni Child Welfare Centre. During the project, wall plugs were repaired, globes were replaced and the adjacent areas were cleaned up by pruning trees and bushes.

“This is remarkable statistics and an important indication that it is a winning recipe to be able to live freely, safely and prosperously in the Benoni community,” says Dewet Ungerer, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the East Rand.

Ungerer adds that AfriForum’s Benoni branch and neighbourhood watch will each month take the successful growth, patrols and projects to new heights and encourages the community to become involved.

Become involved with this AfriForum branch and neighbourhood watch today: Send an email to benoni@afriforumtak.co.za.

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