Blue and Green Drop Project 2019

Together for a healthy country-wide water system

AfriForum once again tested the quality of drinking water and sewage in South African towns and cities between May and July this year. These tests – performed over the last seven years to determine South Africa’s water quality – are part of the organisation’s annual blue and green drop project.

AfriForum deems it necessary to undertake this project every year, as the Department of Water and Sanitation brought out its last Blue and Green Drop Reports as far back as 2012. The organisation therefore started to act as watchdog to ensure the quality of drinking water and treated sewage in South Africa.

AfriForum’s blue and green drop report is then used annually to put the necessary pressure on the DWS as well as the relevant municipalities. We need your help to keep the pressure on. Become a part of the solution and add your name and details below.

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A word of thanks to AfriForum members, branches, staff and other partners 

It is a privilege to work with people who share a passion for their people, communities and the environment in which they live.

A special word of thanks to every AfriForum member for your continued participation in this national project that AfriForum undertakes annually. Thank you for sharing this vision of sustainable development and responsible water management in South Africa with us.

Thank you also to those municipalities who take the lead in South Africa and do their work faultlessly to ensure the responsible management of water, thereby complying with applicable legislation and regulations. These municipalities should be commended for protecting communities and the environment against pollution and danger.

Click here for AfriForum’s blue and green drop report for 2019.

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