Census 2022 #BeCounted

Register your household for online or telephonic data collection.

AfriForum opposes the government’s race classifications. We therefore encourage our members to select “Other” at the race category in the 2022 census form, and the state “Afrikaner”.

What is a census?

A census is a complete counting of the population, including children, babies, homeless people and foreign citizens within the country’s borders. A census collects data about a country’s socio-economic characteristics: people’s living conditions, their access to basic services, income and so forth.

Who are all counted?

  • Everyone within the country’s borders, except diplomats
  • People in normal households
  • People in special living institutions, hotels, guesthouses, airports, etc.  
  • The homeless.

Although many of our AfriForum members are concerned about providing their personal information during the census , AfriForum encourages its members to participate in the census. It is important to AfriForum that reliable information exist about the realities in South Africa because AfriForum utilises this information in its own campaigns and bases its views on it. Also remember that many national and international negotiations, and even the majority of our research that we do rely on the census statistics. It is therefore in everyone’s interest that the information is as accurate and complete as possible.

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