Clover-murder: Bail application of accused persons in murder case of ex-Recce postponed

The bail application of the two persons who are being accused of the murder of Terence Tegg, the ex-Recce who died during the Clover-strike, as well as attempted murder on J.J. Cassanga, one of the guards who sustained serious injuries during the brutal attack, was today (on request of the defence team) in the Tembisa Magistrate’s Court postponed to 24 March 2022. AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit is currently assisting Michele Bebbington, who was engaged to Tegg, as well as the Cassanga-family to ensure that the case receives the attention it deserves. Cassanga was recently discharged from the hospital.

Adv. Gerrie Nel, Head of AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit, indicated that members of police management sent a message to AfriForum that they welcome the Unit’s involvement in this case.

The postponement follows after the accused persons legal representatives would initially have brought the bail application today, but later indicated that they were not ready to proceed because they only today became aware that additional charges, including malicious damage to property and armed robbery, had been added to the charge sheet. These charges follows after it came to light that the strikers allegedly robbed Tegg and Cassanga of their firearms, as well as the fact that Terence’s wallet was stolen during the brutal attack. Furthermore, there are rumours in the court corridors that the unions who arranged the unauthorised strikes are funding one of the accused’s legal representatives.

“We will continue to support Michele, the Tegg-family and the Cassanga-family, as well as working together with the investigating officer and the National Prosecuting Authority, to ensure that justice is done. This was a brutal attack on people who simply wanted to do their duty. The alleged attackers, by participating in the unauthorised strike, showed no respect for the law and in the process they murdered Tegg, grievously injured Cassanga and robbed them of their firearms. These firearms have not been recovered according to our information, and we must accept that it now forms part of the arsenal of dangerous criminals,” says Adv. Nel.

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