Collaboration and sustainable solutions necessary for new Minister of Water and Sanitation to succeed – AfriForum

The Department of Water and Sanitation is at a tipping point and requires strong leadership and continuity to tackle pressing issues effectively. AfriForum believes that the newly appointed Minister of Water and Sanitation, Pemmy Majodina, has a huge task ahead. However, the civil rights organisation is ready to work with Majodina to resolve critical issues regarding South Africa’s water and sanitation sector.

AfriForum believes that addressing the water crisis requires swift and decisive action from all stakeholders involved. Failure to act urgently not only prolongs the deterioration of communities affected by water shortages and access to clean water but also exacerbates the environmental and socio-economic impact of the crisis.

The organisation urges Majodina to prioritise the following:

Continuity in leadership and policy implementation: Abrupt changes or a complete overhaul of current projects such as the blue- , green- and no drop could be detrimental. It is crucial to build on existing frameworks and ensure a seamless transition that fosters stability and progress.

Focus on municipal infrastructure: Majodina’s appointment comes at a time when municipal infrastructure is in a dire state and where urgent intervention is needed to prevent further deterioration. Many municipalities are struggling with outdated and failing water and sanitation systems. Addressing these infrastructural issues must be a top priority to improve service delivery.

Collaborative efforts for sustainable solutions: Engaging with various stakeholders, including community organisations like AfriForum, will be essential in developing and implementing sustainable solutions for water and sanitation. AfriForum’s specialists, engineers and companies are ready and available to address the pressing water challenges currently facing South Africa.

According to Lambert de Klerk, Manager of Environmental Affairs at AfriForum, a water crisis is looming and therefore it is crucial to mobilise all available expertise and resources to find sustainable solutions. “AfriForum recognises the importance of collaboration and coordination among stakeholders in addressing this critical issue. Organisations and specialists can contribute to a collective effort to tackle the water crisis effectively,” explains De Klerk.

Majodina’s success in this role will have a profound impact on millions of South Africans who rely on these essential services. AfriForum remains committed to supporting initiatives that enhance the well-being of our communities and looks forward to constructive engagement with the new minister. AfriForum remains committed to working with government officials, water experts and community representatives to find solutions to the water crisis. The organisation urges all stakeholders to prioritise collaboration and action to mitigate the impact of the crisis on communities and the environment.

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