Community organisations in Piet Retief combat crime together

Three community safety organisations in Piet Retief on 9 March 2017 signed a cooperation agreement. These three organisations are the local AfriForum neighbourhood watch, the Agri Piet Retief District Agricultural Union and the Pieties neighbourhood watch.

This follows after a need developed among the abovementioned organisations to combat crime together by means of a written agreement that commits these organisations to greater cooperation and coordination against violent crimes in the Piet Retief area.

“I believe that the agreement will bring forth an increased level of trust and cooperation between the separate organisations. Each person who is involved in the combating of crime is an asset, notwithstanding the organisation to which he/she currently belongs. It is important to collectively fight crime,” says Sarel Nieuwenhuizen, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Piet Retief branch.

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