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COVID-19 task team delivers 300 boxes of food to families in need

The COVID-19 task team, established by the civil rights organisation AfriForum and the family farming network Saai, today delivered food and cooking essentials to families in need in Sonop in North West.

The task team packed 300 boxes of food and other basic cooking essentials, which includes coffee, sugar, salt and milk powder. These boxes contain enough food for 300 families, with each box providing a family with enough food and other cooking ingredients for a month.

“People across the country are struggling primarily due to the government’s ill-conceived, unrelenting lockdown policies. For many there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel. AfriForum has therefore stepped in to do our best in order to give hope and alleviate as much of this hardship around us as possible. In cases like this where the state has let families in need down, community-oriented organisations like AfriForum have a responsibility to fill the void and assist those that need not just food, but a boost of hope as well,” says Ian Cameron, Head of Community Safety at AfriForum.

People who want to make donations or financial contributions can contact AfriForum’s Trauma Support Unit at trauma@afriforum.co.za.


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