Isidingo misused to incite anti-white racism

AfriForum expressed its concern over the public reaction that followed after a recent episode of Isidingo aired on SABC 3, in which a racist image was sketched of white people. Various commentators described the particular Isidingo episode as a reflection of the reality and spread the episode in an attempt to incite anti-white racism. Isidingo is also praised on social media for the political standpoint this programme takes against white people.

According to Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO of AfriForum, the story on Isidingo does not reflect the reality among white people, Afrikaners or farmers. In this particular episode, an innocent black man is assaulted by two white men and buried alive after they mocked him with baboon sounds.

“We acknowledge the right of the producers of Isidingo to artistic freedom and cannot dictate what must be aired in the programme. We are however concerned over the public reaction that followed after this episode from within certain ranks,” says Roets. The producers of Isidingo ought to take a strong public standpoint against all forms of racism.

Roets says that AfriForum will continue to consistently reject all forms of racism.

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