Kammanassie farm watch strengthens church community’s security

The Kammanassie farm watch decided to act proactively to protect the remote community of Noll, one of the rural areas around George, against the increasing incidence of violent attacks at churches. Last weekend (June 8), the farm watch had two solar safety lights installed at the NG church on Noll to properly illuminate this area.

“The solar security lights make it impossible for criminals to slip into the church unnoticed. The solar safety lights shine just as brightly as electric lights and make it possible for the residents to move around safely in the evenings,” says Marthinus Erasmus, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the Southern Cape.

This farm watch, which was started in December last year, is busy securing the rural communities around George. The farm guard received reflective vests, flashlights and two-way radios earlier this month to enable them to act effectively and proactively against crime.

Erasmus says the members associated with this farm watch are extremely dedicated to the safety of every resident in this rural area because they themselves are farmers. “It is encouraging to see how ordinary people make a difference and try to ensure a safer future for all their loved ones.”

Get involved with AfriForum today so that you can also take your safety into your own hands. Send an email to marthinus.erasmus@afriforum.co.za or call Erasmus on 081 216 9602 for more information.

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