Law and order restored in Barolong Boo Seleka village with AfriForum’s support

Kgosatsana (Princess) Gabo Moroka, traditional leader of Nogas Post village of Thaba ’Nchu near Bloemfontein, yesterday obtained a court order with AfriForum’s support to stop further actions by Mr Tsietsi Motsididi, who were attempting to usurp her powers. The urgent application came after Mr Motsididi illegally allocated erven in the village to people who have no right to live there.

The court ordered that Mr Motsididi is interdicted from:

  • Posing as the traditional leader of the village;
  • Executing actions that falls within the powers of the traditional leader;
  • Usurping the powers of the traditional leader;
  • Threatening the traditional leader and her family with harm;
  • Awarding erven within the village;
  • Interfering with the administration of the village;
  • Inciting unrest and discord amongst villagers; and
  • Inciting people against the agricultural project undertaken by the villagers.

“There seems to be a growing culture of deliberately ignoring the rule of law. It is very unfortunate that we find ourselves constantly having to find remedy in the courts of law. Our matter is still sub judice, yet unauthorized parties appoint people illegally and create parallel structures within our communities. Traditional leadership – a respectable institution which is supposed to be the rock of security and stability – is under siege. It is even worse as a woman, having to fight even harder. I condemn the instability that is being ignited within our communities. Our communities needs solutions – not additional problems. We must build, not break. My gratitude to AfriForum. One would have otherwise fallen victim,” says Princess Gabo Moroka, traditional leader of Nogas Post village and spokesperson for the Royal Family.

“We cannot allow people to undermine law and order, and important community institutions such as traditional leadership, for the sake of personal profit and to the detriment of communities on grass roots level. During the current planting season the community of Nogas Post will build on the successful agricultural project of the previous season; we cannot allow a situation where stakeholders are scared off by the actions of politically connected individuals”, says Barend Uys, Head of Intercultural Cooperation at AfriForum.

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