AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit called its second witness today in the Regional Court in Somerset East in the prosecution of the alleged rapist Andile Memese.

The Private Prosecution Unit, headed by Adv. Gerrie Nel, represents the victim, Celeste Gouws. Gouws was raped in her house in 2017 after she had presumably been drugged. The Director of Public Prosecutions in the Eastern Cape initially refused to prosecute Memese, despite overwhelming evidence against him. AfriForum is of the opinion that the handling of the matter has up to now pointed to political interference, as Memese and his family have political ties.

Gouws testified earlier today that Memese had repeatedly demanded her to take a bath with him. The footage also shows Memese exchanging his own glass with hers, and minutes later she becomes unstable.

Gouws testified that she eventually had to contact a friend to keep her company at the guest house that she managed, because Memese did not cease his unacceptable behaviour. After the friend had escorted Memese out, the footage shows the accused slipping into the house minutes later. He then forces Gouws to her bedroom.

Gouws’s former neighbour, Marita de Lange, testified today. She told how she had heard a women’s crying on the evening of the incident, asking it to stop. De Lange did not know what to make of the incident, as the previous residents had apparently been very noisy. She only found out later that Gouws was inside the house and had been raped on that evening.

“If you consider the proof against Memese and listen to the bloodcurdling evidence, it is incomprehensible why the NPA refused to prosecute Memese. The only conclusion to come to is that someone interfered inappropriately in the case to protect Memese. It is enough to make you furious,” says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s Campaigns Manager.

The case was postponed until 25 January 2022.

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