AfriForum’s Lichtenburg branch has requested an action plan from the Ditsobotla Local Municipality with regards to the improvement of the town’s roads. The branch thus wants to make a plea to the public to support them by signing a petition and consequently support the abovementioned request and force the municipality into action.

Lichtenburg’s roads are currently in a precarious state and that is why the branch has this year launched a road repair project. Good progress has already been made after 70 tons of tar were used to repair 550 m²; even the municipality bought into the project and participated in it. AfriForum is thus of the opinion that the municipality does indeed possess the ability to repair and maintain the roads and therefore directs a request to the municipality to take accountability for it.

AfriForum is hopeful that the road infrastructure in Lichtenburg will still improve thanks to continuous pressure and with the help of the community. Please help us by signing the petition, after which the branch management will hand over the petition list to the municipal manager to apply further pressure.

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