Neighbourhood watches in Kempton Park and Edenvale suit the action to the word

AfriForum’s Kempton Park neighbourhood watch this past weekend participated in raids in the Kempton Park region in cooperation with the SAPS, the EMPD, the local CPF and various security companies.

Approximately 30 individuals participated in these raids during which 113 people, five premises and 89 vehicles were searched. During the raids three arrests were made, among other things for drug possession and drunk driving. The neighbourhood watch also seized illegal liquor in cooperation with the SAPS.

“Raids such as these that are launched by the SAPS are of vital importance in communities to sharpen cooperation and visibility, as well as to crack down on criminal elements in the area,” says Dirk Venter, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Kempton Park neighbourhood watch.


“AfriForum would like to thank the SAPS and all the other institutions that participated in these raids. Their excellent cooperation and good coordination during these actions make successes possible,” says Jan Vermaak, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Kempton Park branch.

AfriForum’s Edenvale neighbourhood watch also executed a raid this past weekend in the Edenvale area in cooperation with the SAPS, the local CPF and various security companies.

During this raid five arrests were made, among which for the possession of illegal firearms that were seized. Approximately 60 individuals actively participated in the raid.

“These raids are examples of a strong safety network under the leadership of the SAPS. AfriForum is encouraging the community to become involved at existing safety structures in their area and proactively contribute to their own safety,” says Linda McKenzie, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Edenvale neighbourhood watch

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