Netball South Africa’s President dishonest

AfriForum launched a campaign today against Cecilia Molokwane, President of Netball South Africa (NSA), that is aimed at having her suspended pending an investigation into her. AfriForum received complaints that Molokwane had misbehaved and made racist remarks at the Spar Women’s Netball Championships in August this year. AfriForum requested NSA to investigate Molokwane, after which Molokwane responded that she was unaware of any complaints brought against her and that she had never made such statements.

However, AfriForum was informed confidentially that complaints had indeed been submitted to NSA against Molokwane after the Spar Women’s Netball Championships. Moreover, Molokwane also contacted and chastised the relevant province’s President because the complaint had come from this province. AfriForum also learned that Molokwane is threatening many NSA members after the news of the complaints against her broke last week.

AfriForum directed a lawyer’s letter (a PAIA application) to NSA on Friday, 15 November 2019 in which the organisation requested all the complaints lodged with NSA after the Spar Women’s Netball Championship. AfriForum also requested that Molokwane be suspended temporarily pending the investigation into her.

“NSA must now place netball before Molokwane. Because of the complaints against her – exacerbated by her blatant lies and the intimidation of staff and members of NSA – she can no longer serve as President while she is being investigated. NSA has no choice but to investigate her,” says Henk Maree, Spokesperson for AfriForum.

This is one of numerous cases that AfriForum is investigating as part of the organisation’s broader campaign to ensure fairness and equality in South African netball. AfriForum also plans to involve the International Netball Federation as part of this broader campaign.

AfriForum requests members of the public to support its case against Molokwane by adding their names to the complaint. They can do so by visiting AfriForum’s website at

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