The  continuous empty promises of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme and its failure to pay out allowances, are increasingly leading to violent protests on campuses all over the country. This once again became clear after this week’s student protests at the Walter Sisulu University. AfriForum Youth is of the opinion that violence and disrespect towards the rights of fellow students are not the right solutions to this problem. Steps should be taken against students who damage property or violate other students’ right to attend classes.

“The only solution for this situation with the NSFAS – which causes huge uncertainty amongst students – is ligitation, such as that which AfriForum Youth is currently busy with. If you look at every tertiary institution where protest action had taken place, NSFAS is the overall problem and universities are not helping students in placing pressure on NSFAS,” says Chantelle du Preez, AfriForum Youth’s National Coordinator for Tertiary Institutions.

“Five thousand students lost their NSFAS funding last year. This year’s students are still waiting for their NSFAS funds. As a result of this, the universities and police will have to bear the brunt of any damages caused by NSFAS on the various campuses,” says du Preez.

AfriForum Youth will continue to act on behalf of these students and to put pressure on NSFAS, to ensure that students building their future won’t be the victims of fraud or political interference.

Get involved with these campuses’ youth structures and help to make a difference: send an email to chantelle.dupreez@afriforum.co.za or SMS “NSFAS” to 32687 (R1).

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