Petition against Westonaria Municipality regarding the incompetent security company at Venterspos and Glenharvie sub-stations

AfriForum’s Westonaria branch and community members are asking the public to support them and sign the petition to remove the incompetent security company at the Venterspos and Glenharvie sub-stations in Westonaria.

The security company that is currently employed by the municipality is never on the scene after an incident. Officers arrive late for duty and fail to notify anyone when incidents take place, supposedly because they are too scared. There is also suspicion that they could be involved in some of these incidents. The sub-stations are being robbed and ransacked, causing the community to be without electricity for days. Paying for security that doesn’t serve a purpose is simply a waste of taxpayers’ money.

A letter has been sent to the mayor, Brenda Mahuma in which we requested that the security company be removed from the municipal premises and a competent company be appointed. No feedback was given as yet.

The AfriForum branch and the community have now taken it upon themselves and even appointed a private security company to patrol the grounds. They are also paying the monthly response fees.

The community sometimes have to go without electricity as a result of cable theft – all because of the municipality’s failure to help. Help us by signing the petition. The branch will send the petition list to the mayor and ask that a competent security company be appointed to do the job.

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