Political chess game within Eskom may leave SA in the dark

AfriForum brought an application in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No 2 of 2000) to evaluate the documentation pertaining to Brian Molefe’s return to Eskom after allegations that Molefe wasn’t re-appointed, but was merely on unpaid leave.

“Someone in Eskom – either Molefe himself, Councillor Lynne Brown or other officials – is busy pulling the wool over the tax-payer’s eyes. It is in the national interest to know what the future of Eskom holds. This power giant’s scandals have eroded the public’s trust too much,” says Morné Mostert, AfriForum’s Head of Local Government Affairs. 

Documents that were requested include the re-appointment agreement and application process, as well as any other human resources documents pertaining to the process followed. 

AfriForum wants to understand the true state of affairs between Eskom and Molefe, and to do this, we have to compare the agreement with the affidavits that were made in the DA’s court application. If there are contradictions, we will lay charges of fraud. We will also investigate allegations by the ANC that Molefe’s re-appointment constituted perjury.

“Power service delivery in South Africa is in dire straits and we cannot sit back and watch how politicians abuse the country’s electricity provider to drive their own political agendas,” Mostert says.


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