Proposed state regulation of social media nothing but state interference

AfriForum today said that state regulation of social media, as proposed by David Mahlobo, Minister of State Security, would result in “false narratives” being promoted rather than limited. AfriForum also announced that should the Minister continue herewith, the civil rights organisation would oppose it.

AfriForum het ook aangekondig dat sou die minister hiermee voortgaan, die burgerregte organisasie dit sal teenstaan.

Mahlobo said yesterday morning that Government considered regulating social media, as there are too many “postmen and women” who, according to him, convey untested information.

Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO of AfriForum, says that the governing ANC is notorious for often being dishonest with the public, especially where corruption and state deterioration are concerned.

“It is especially ironic that a Minister who was recently caught out on social media over his own alleged corrupt behaviour now suddenly wants to regulate social media,” Roets says.

Photos recently emerged on social media of Mahlobo posing with an employee of the massaging salon that belongs to the self-confessed criminal Guan Jian Guang. The photos seem to have been taken in 2016.

Roets adds that this statement smacks of the ideology of totalitarianism that is currently taking root in the ANC.

“The Minister is concerned about the dissemination of false news. We are concerned about the dissemination of a false ideology,” Roets concludes.

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