Relief for Calvinia: Water and fodder for a community plagued by drought

The past weekend saw the launching of AfriForum’s Calvinia Water Project with the delivery of about 400 000 litres of water, 300 bales of fodder and 100 bags of potatoes to this drought-ridden town in the Northern Cape.

Communities from all over South Africa donated water, which were then transported with 15 trucks on five different routes across the country to Calvinia.

“On every route and in every town that we visited, more water were donated by the relevant community than what we have anticipated. The cooperation and involvement of these communities were so overwhelming that a next phase of the project will commence soon,” says Hein Gonzales, Project Coordinator of the Calvinia Water Project.

Apart from the 15 trucks that transported water to Calvinia, ten convoys departed from five different provinces, travelling 9 727 km in total and using diesel to the value of R320 991.

Gonzales says that despite wide-spread rainfall in the past months and even showers over Calvinia in the preceding weeks, the Calvinia dam’s water levels are still unable to meet the town’s water needs – hence the decision to take hands and donate water and fodder to the community.

“The launching phase was an enormous success, and the public can be sure of Calvinia’s heartfelt gratitude,” emphasises Gonzales.

Organisations that were involved include the Solidarity Movement in cooperation with AfriForum, Solidarity Helping Hand, AfriForum Youth, Caring Daisies, WSSA and Ctrack.

“The project’s success once again confirms the power that a community has at its disposal when people work together, stand together and want to help one another. Thank you to all who made donations. You are the power behind the project,” says Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum.

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