Social engineering annihilates student traditions on the Puk

AfriForum Youth has noted with concern – in an article on Netwerk24 on 16 January – that student traditions at the Puk are under threat this year. This article also claims that up to 50% of first years haven’t arrived at their hostels yet. With race quotas being the deciding factor on the Puk instead of merit, social engineering is indirectly used to transform the campus through a political agenda.

“The consequence of the NWU’s new race-based policy is that students from minority groups are being denied opportunities for which they’ve worked very hard at school. On the flipside of the coin, other students who are just being handed the opportunity, don’t even regard it as important enough to arrive on time for the hostel calendar. Pride is linked to something that you’ve worked for and not something that was given to you without any sacrifice,” says Bernard Pieters, manager of AfriForum Youth.

AfriForum Youth supports healthy student traditions and is launching a petition today for people to add their voice. By doing so, they are giving AfriForum Youth the mandate to initiate a discussion on campus and arrange a meeting with the NWU management to discuss this issue.

“You as parent pay university fees and uphold the Puk financially. Your parents and their parents’ legacy give bursaries to deserving students. You as student generate the life and the soul of the Puk. You as lecturer ensure that the Puk remains an institute of exceptional academics. You have the power to  make a difference – sign our petition an help us be a voice for what you want to see at the Puk,” concludes Pieters.

Sign the petition here: https://afriforum.co.za/joupuk/

To support us without revealing your identity to the NWU management, SMS “Puk” to 32687 (R1).

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