The state of North West’s landfill sites

AfriForum audited 127 landfill sites in all nine provinces this year as part of its national project to measure the standard of landfill sites in South Africa.

Only 1 out of 15 landfill sites that were audited in North West have adhered to national standards. In terms of applicable legislation and regulations, including the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (Act no. 59 of 2008), a landfill site must adhere to particular standards.

This is how the best landfill sites compare to the worst:

Best Percentage Worst Percentage
Mooinooi 94% Coligny 0%
Rustenburg 62% Sannieshof 2%
    Koster 4%
    Klerksdorp 10%
    Delareyville 10%
    Lichtenburg 16%
    Vryburg 32%

The audit consists of a list of 33 questions that measure the minimum requirements for landfill sites in South Africa and includes factors such as access control, fires, medical waste, fencing and rehabilitation. A landfill site must obtain at least 80% to comply with legislation.

According to Alta Pretorius, Sampie Steinberg and Stephen Nel, District Coordinators in North West, most of the landfill sites in the province are in a shameful state. “Most landfill sites are in a shameful state and this can mainly be attributed to lack of maintenance.”

AfriForum branches will also apply pressure on authorities in their areas to establish waste monitoring committees to improve the waste management process. These committees will consist of municipalities and interested parties wanting to improve waste management in a particular town.

The audit report will also be handed over to the Green Scorpions for further investigation and action against guilty municipalities. AfriForum will continuously monitor the process to ensure that landfill sites are brought to standard.

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