Tests show Parys drinking water not up to standard

Tests on drinking water that AfriForum’s Parys branch performed on 1 August show that the town’s drinking water does not adhere to the legally-required standard. Although the water is not life threatening because it does not contain E. coli, laboratory tests do show that it exceeds other limitations set for blue drop status by the South African National Standards (SANS).

Cloudiness (3,1) and heterotrophic plate count (HPC) (>30 000) exceed the limitations of 1 and 1 000 respectively determined by SANS 241:2015. The high HPC points to insufficient or non-existent sterilisation by the town’s water plant. Chlorine concentrations are present, however, which may indicate that the cloudiness possibly interferes with the sterilisation process, which may lead to higher bacteria counts in the water.

AfriForum therefore advises against drinking the water unless it is boiled or disinfected.

Since last week, AfriForum’s Parys branch has made a water sterilisation product called Rubicon available to residents. Only one package of the disinfectant can sterilise 25 litres of water for human consumption.

The branch has in the meantime scheduled a meeting with Bruce Kannemeyer, the Municipal Manager, for 16 August 2018. The branch will discuss this matter at the meeting, as well as other issues such as water standards, the state of the Vaal River and overall service delivery.

“AfriForum is still awaiting the Municipality’s official reply to the state of the drinking water of Parys, as well as the Vaal River. We will continue to pressurise the Municipality, however, as the community has a right to clean water and sanitation,” says Stephen Nel, AfriForum’s Assistant Coordinator for the central region.

  • The water disinfectant is distributed for free and can be obtained at Security Master’s offices at 24 Water Street.

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