Victory for equality before the law: NPA to prosecute Jiba after ongoing pressure by AfriForum

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) informed AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit in writing that it will prosecute Adv. Nomgcobo Jiba, former NPA Head. This about-turn came after AfriForum and Adv. Gerrie Nel threatened the NPA with a mandamus in November 2019 to take a decision on the prosecution of Jiba. The Private Prosecution Unit announced a while back that it wants to prosecute Jiba privately.

The NPA also ensured AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit that the dossier against Jiba is safely locked away in a vault and was never lost. This follows claims in the media that the dossier went missing.

Jiba’s prosecution follows AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit’s indication that Adv. Nel would be prosecuting Jiba for fraud and perjury on behalf of Gen. Johan Booysen, former Head of the Hawks in KwaZulu-Natal. Jiba is described all around as someone who formed part of former President Jacob Zuma’s inner circle. According to evidence before the Zondo Commission, Jiba also received money from Bosasa. Until now, the NPA refused to either prosecute Jiba or issue a nolle prosequi certificate.

“The NPA’s about-turn to prosecute Jiba is not only a victory for AfriForum, but for everyone in the country who believes in equality before the law and who is against state capture. It is a pity that the Private Prosecution Unit first had to apply pressure to the NPA to simply do their work and prosecute prima facie cases,” says Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum.

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