Withdrawal of green paper on social security: First victory for tax protest campaign

AfriForum today described the withdrawal of the Green Paper on Comprehensive Social Security and Retirement Reform by Minister Lindiwe Zulu as an important first victory for its tax protest campaign that was launched yesterday.

According to Johan Kruger, Head of Community Development at AfriForum, more momentum must now be gained to bring about tax reform in South Africa.

The launch of AfriForum’s tax protest campaign – which saw the release of a tax manifesto in which the civil rights organisation declares a dispute with government and lists comprehensive demands – is among others in reaction to the publication of this green paper.

Further momentum must now be gained and government must simply be forced to consider AfriForum’s demands on behalf of taxpayers.

According to Kruger, AfriForum’s manifesto was sent to the office of Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday. The organisation expects the President and relevant ministers to meet with AfriForum to recognise the civil tax secretariat that was established by AfriForum to negotiate with government on behalf of taxpayers.

“We are pleased that other organisations and the broader public added their voices to our tax protest campaign. A united front against tax abuse and continued pressure for change will eventual compel the ANC to negotiate with AfriForum over its demands,” Kruger says.

  • Read AfriForum’s tax manifesto here.

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