#YourTown campaign: AfriForum’s Germiston branch initiates mass clean-up project

AfriForum’s Germiston branch has declared war against the filthy condition of the town, and launched a mass clean-up project in the Lambton area on 18 November 2019. Their action forms part of AfriForum’s #OurTown campaign, which aims to empower towns to solve problems on their own initiative. The action resulted in the cleaning of the entire Webber Street.

A contractor assisted in cutting the grass while branch members collected trash. Branch and community members helped to cut trees, remove weeds and pick up trash. Ten bakkie loads of rubbish were removed from the area.

“Although this action isn’t a sustainable solution for the problem, it was heart-warming to see how many people stopped to ask how they can become involved, or to thank the branch for their effort,” says Elize Hern, chairperson of AfriForum’s Germiston branch.

“Actions such as these prove that community structures should mobilise themselves for a cleaner, safer and sustainable future and get involved to actively solve problems. We encourage the community to get involved in these projects,” concludes Hern.

Get involved in the efforts of your local AfriForum branch to make a positive difference in your community.

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