Zeerust branch donates fence in cooperation with local businesses

AfriForum’s Zeerust branch donated a fence to the Uitkoms apartments in Zeerust in cooperation with local businesses. All residents of these apartments are older than 65 years, while most are dependent on their children and grandchildren.

These vulnerable residents are the frequent target of criminals and the local neighbourhood watch is often called out to the property. Motor batteries, and garden tools and furniture often get stolen, and residents are worried about their own safety. The management of AfriForum’s Zeerust branch therefore decided to erect a fence around the apartments, thereby creating hope for residents and their loved ones.

“It is very important to us to look after our senior citizens, who have done and still do so much for us,” says Sampie Steinberg, Assistant Coordinator for Marico.

“The faces of the residents lit up with gratuity when they saw the fence,” says Madelein van der Walt, who serves on the Zeerust branch’s management.

The Zeerust branch wants to thank Arrie Groenewald of Marico Omheinings, who erected the poles and put up the wires. The branch also wants to thank André and Santa Ward of André Elektries for the donation of sand and stone, and Basson and Grobler for the deliveries and patience with the invoices.

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