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AfriForum announces COVID-19 community plan

AfriForum announced a comprehensive plan today for communities who suffer from the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. The plan focuses on safety, economy, food, health and municipal services within communities, and includes school support projects in cooperation with AfriForum Youth. The organisation also expanded upon the AfriForum Network, on which more than 10 000 businesses have already registered for free.

According to Johan Kruger, AfriForum’s Head of Community Development, the plan aims to promote independence from the state, self-reliance and community cooperation to uplift, strengthen and support communities and community members.

“It is important that we start taking ownership of the future now, and build it together,” says Kruger.

He also says that AfriForum can continue building on sustainable self-management models for municipal services thanks to volunteers who joined AfriForum branches and neighbourhood watches across the country. In this way, serious food shortages can be relieved, safety initiatives be improved, and sufficient preparations made for the reopening of schools and nursery schools, among other.

“The large-scale food distribution project that was launched recently in cooperation with Solidarity Helping Hand and Saai emphasises the power of communities,” Kruger adds.

According to Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety, food shortages, poverty and loss of income during the current lockdown may result in an increase in crime.

“AfriForum’s safety structures are geared to act within the framework of the law, if necessary. We are also currently extending our online training for safety structures. It is also full steam ahead for AfriForum’s structures with the distribution of food and essential items in communities,” Cameron says.

The civil rights organisation will focus more on economic progress in communities. With the help of AfriForum Network, a country-wide network is being created where small and medium-sized businesses can be found, encouraged and supported.

AfriForum will also continue to launch campaigns and will not hesitate to approach the courts in ensuring that the rights of communities and minorities are protected.

Click here to read the complete plan.

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