AfriForum creates legal fund to hold municipalities and Nersa accountable for Eskom debt

The civil rights organisation AfriForum will today announce its extensive strategy concerning the Eskom debt in excess of R10,2 billion that are detrimental to innocent South African citizens.

AfriForum follows a twofold strategy, of which the first includes community mobilisation via the encouragement of protests across the country, as well as directing petitions to the Speaker of each Municipal Council. The second is a legal strategy by means of which the civil rights watchdog will place more pressure on Nersa to execute its obligations in terms of legislation, which includes the withdrawal of municipal licences. Courts will also be approached in terms of the protection of the public’s constitutional rights.

For this AfriForum will create a legal fund whereby normal residents will also be able to make their contribution to bring about a difference and hold municipal officials accountable. AfriForum has already spent nearly R1 million on the legal battle and will be dependent on the assistance of each South African in order to continue with this battle.

According to Marcus Pawson, AfriForum’s Head of Local Government Affairs, Lynne Brown, Minister of Public Enterprises, convinced Eskom to abandon electricity supply cut-offs up until 31 January 2017, seeing as it would be catastrophic for smaller towns if their electricity was cut. Pravin Gordhan, Minister of Finance, furthermore sent out a strong message to municipalities to pay their service accounts and sympathised with residents who are left without electricity supply.

Members of the public can assist AfriForum in holding Government accountable: SMS “Eskom” to 38310 and subsequently donate R10 to the legal fund. Alternatively a direct financial contribution can be paid into the following bank account:

Bank account name:   Afrikaanse Forum vir Burgerregte

Bank:                           FNB

Account number:        62349898398

Type of account:         Current account

Branch name:             Centurion

Branch code:               261550

Reference:                  Eskom legal fund


A Section 18A receipt can be issued if required.

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