AfriForum demands rejection of the Expropriation Bill at the National Council of Provinces

Today, AfriForum submitted a letter rejecting the expropriation bill to the office of the KwaZulu-Natal Premier. AfriForum’s letter emphasises that the bill will have devastating consequences for the already struggling economy, will brutally deprive citizens of their property rights, will enable more avenues for corruption and will destabilise the financial sector. It should be noted that this bill is not only limited to agricultural land but can be applied to all property.

“The first attempt by the government to destroy private property rights by amending the Constitution failed in parliament in 2021. It was precisely because of the overwhelming public pressure. That’s why we rely on the public to fight more determinedly than ever for our fundamental right to private property,” says Eugene van Aswegen, District Coordinator for KwaZulu-Natal.

The above action forms part of a comprehensive international, national, and local campaign that AfriForum is launching to reject the Expropriation Bill. Through the organisation’s international contacts and platforms, AfriForum will further emphasise the danger that the Expropriation Bill poses for private property rights and thus put foreign pressure on the government. AfriForum also recently published a manifesto against this Expropriation Bill which was signed by several prominent organisations. Along with this, AfriForum also sent a lawyer’s letter to the president pointing out the unconstitutionality of the bill, as well as calling on him to veto the law and send it back to parliament.

“The Expropriation Bill will have devastating effects on the economy and deprive citizens of their property rights. This bill is not limited to agricultural land only. It includes all forms of property, such as movable property, infrastructure, houses, and so on. That is why we call on everyone to also send this letter to their provincial governments,” concludes Van Aswegen.

AfriForum encourages the public to write to their provincial governments to reject the Expropriation Bill at the Council of Provinces. Visit www.onteiening.co.za/en to support AfriForum in this campaign.

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