AfriForum’s Bethal branch makes a difference in the community

The AfriForum branch in Bethal once again proved that they will not accept poor service delivery. During April 2019 a number of projects were launched to improve the town. These projects were all tackled with the help of the community with the aim of again restoring Bethal to the beautiful town it once was.

The branch acquired 14 new dustbins and placed it at specific places across the town where littering is a problem.

The Bethal branch also proceeded with its pothole project in the month of April and focussed specifically on Vermooten, Kleijnhans and Malherbe Streets. More than 500 bags of tar have already been used this year to fill up potholes.

Furthermore the branch cut grass and deforested parts across the Nestlé building, the police station and next to the N17. “The long grass is not only a big safety risk, but also a fire hazard during the coming fire season,” says Ingrid Human, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Bethal branch.

A meeting was also scheduled with business role-players in Bethal during which feedback was supplied regarding the activities of AfriForum’s Bethal branch in 2018 and further planning for 2019 was discussed.

“The town’s decline compels all of us to stand together and tackle our problems – that is the only way to bring about a real difference in Bethal,” says Hennie Bekker, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the Lowveld.

Become involved at AfriForum’s Bethal branch today: SMS “Bethal” to 45350 (R1).

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