AfriForum’s Brakpan neighbourhood watch receives training

The AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Brakpan received patrol training on 10 February 2018. This training was mainly focused on the legal aspects regarding civil arrests, as well as the organisation and execution of effective patrols.

Approximately 30 neighbourhood watch members attended the training, which was presented by Capt. Chris Avenant of the South African Police Service (SAPS) in Brakpan.

“The neighbourhood watch is part of AfriForum’s local branch structure and has the purpose of assisting the community in times of need in cooperation with the police,” says Gerhard Cilliers, Secretary of AfriForum’s Brakpan branch.

“Training is important for any safety structure and the neighbourhood watch’s main aim is to secure the community. We are here to make a difference and want to work along with other safety structures to achieve this,” Cilliers concludes.

Become involved with your local AfriForum branch and neighbourhood watch today: SMS “Buurtwag” to 45342 (R1).


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