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AfriForum’s Piet Retief branch helps schools during COVID-19

The AfriForum branch in Piet Retief supplied decontamination sprayers and agents to four schools that enabled these schools to reopen safely, as well as to decontaminate their classrooms daily afterwards.

Laerskool Piet Retief, Hoërskool Piet Retief, Maranatha School and Wittenberg Schule received these equipment and decontamination agents.

“We are grateful to support schools during these difficult times. Schools are experiencing great financial pressure as a result of the national lockdown and also receive little to no help from the state. AfriForum hopes that this donation will lessen the burden for schools,” says Gërhard Böhmer, Chairperson of the Safety Portfolio of AfriForum’s Piet Retief branch.

Become involved with AfriForum’s Piet Retief branch and help us to make a difference in the community: SMS “Piet Retief” to 45350 (R1).

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