AfriForum’s Springs branch renovates old-age home’s dining hall

AfriForum’s Springs branch recently renovated the floor of the dining hall at the Rus ’n Bietjie home for the elderly. The home had reached out to the public on various occasions for help, and AfriForum decided to get involved.

A health inspector, who visits the home every six weeks, identified the dining hall as a health danger zone.

“We serve between 20 and 40 meals per day to residents. Although there are many areas that need repairing, we prioritised the repairs to the dining room as essential. We requested financial support and is very grateful to AfriForum for being willing to help. It is very easy for the community to forget about the aged,” says Ludwig Zuhlfdorss, a trustee at the Rus ’n Bietjie home for the elderly.


“As civil rights organisation, AfriForum focuses on projects that serve the community. It is therefore important to take on projects like this one. We are also dependent on our members’ contributions, however, and we are therefore grateful. Together, we are stronger – we encourage the community to become actively involved in the interest of the town,” says Richardt Lubbe, Chairperson for Local Government Affairs at AfriForum’s Springs branch.

Join the Springs branch: SMS your name and surname to 45342 (R1) or email springs.afriforum@gmail.com.

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