Afrikaans cricket commentary to continue

AfriForum welcomes SuperSport’s commitment that this sport service has no intention of discontinuing cricket commentary in Afrikaans. This follows after the civil rights organisation received many complaints from DSTV users due to the fact that Afrikaans cricket commentary was discontinued during the recent test series between South Africa and New Zealand. 

According to Graham Abrahams, Director of Enterprises and Regulatory Affairs at SuperSport, operational circumstances sometimes cause that commentary in Afrikaans and other official South African languages cannot continue, but that it isn’t common practice and will also not become such.

“It is gladdening to see that SuperSport made an undertaking to have the interests of its subscribers at heart and gave the assurance that Afrikaans sport commentary as a whole will not be threatened in the future,” says Annelise de Vries, Language Planning Coordinator at AfriForum.

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