Crime statistics 2016/2017: Highest murder rate in ten years; Mbalula failing in his duty

The civil rights watchdog AfriForum is of the opinion that there is currently no control over crime in South Africa and that residents can expect a further increase in violent crimes.

This follows after Fikile Mbalula, Minister of Police, today made public with the announcement of the crime statistics for 2016/2017 that the murder rate for the past year increased with 1,8% – which means that approximately 1 000 more people were murdered. This means that the current murder rate for 2016/2017 totals 19 016.

Furthermore, robbery with aggravating circumstances increased in the past five years with 33% and vehicle hijackings with 77,5%. Cash-in-transit robberies also rose steeply with an increase of 10,9%.

“Farm murders and attacks are furthermore also significantly more than in 2016 and as indicated by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), there was an increase of 112% in attacks and a 33% increase in murders between 2012 and 2016,” says Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety.

Up until now, Mbalula has brought about no change since he was appointed in his post and people are increasingly feeling unsafe in South Africa.

AfriForum is encouraging communities to join safety structures and to take responsibility themselves within the framework of the law. This civil rights organisation already has approximately 100 established safety structures across the country. Simply send an email to to join one of them.

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