Kill the Boer book an international best-seller on Amazon

AfriForum received confirmation today that the book Kill the Boer – that deals with the cruelty of farm murders and the complicity of the South African government in this crisis – received the status of international best-seller. This follows the book being a best-seller in various categories in the USA and UK. Amazon is according to Wikipedia the largest e-commerce market and cloud-computing platform in the world, based on income and market capitalisation.

Ernst Roets, author of the book, wishes to thank everyone who were part of the writing of the book, as well as Kraal Uitgewers, who published the book. He especially thanks the victims of farm attacks who were willing to share their stories.

Roets adds that AfriForum plans on using this momentum to distribute the book even further by arranging additional book launches, of which the first will be in the USA.

The book is available on Amazon, Takealot, Kraal Uitgewers’s website ( and bookstores in South Africa.

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