Community affairs focuses on issues that have a direct impact on the community’s health and safety, including issues on municipal level. This is done through a network of AfriForum branches across South Africa – by people, for people.


AfriForum branches allow you to become involved in the organisation and make a difference in your community.

The main objective of an AfriForum branch is to organise communities, as well as conduct projects and actions in the following focus areas:

  • Community projects
  • Community safety
  • Local government affairs
  • Environmental affairs
  • Youth
  • Health
  • Culture and tourism

The AfriForum branch management consists of branch officials promoting the aims of each focus area.

AfriForum branches are financed by AfriForum members that specifically make donations to their local branch. Businesses are also welcome to finance our branch projects by means of monthly donations in order to create a better and healthier business environment in the relevant town. Section 18A certificates are available on request.

The core philosophy of AfriForum’s structures involves not waiting for the state to solve the problems experienced by communities, but rather to make a real difference by conducting do-it-yourself projects. By joining forces, communities can create a free, safe and prosperous future together.

Do-it-yourself is better than doing nothing; become involved at your local AfriForum branch today!

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