#YourTown campaign: AfriForum’s Helderbergkom branch helps to clean up Gordon’s Bay

As part of AfriForum’s #YourTown campaign, the civil rights organisation’s Helderbergkom branch launched a clean-up action of the green strip alongside the Summervale Retirement Village in Gordon’s Bay this past week. The green strip, which stretches from Lemoenboom Street to Dennehof Street, was cleaned with the assistance of Blue Daisy Lawns.

Six loads of building rubble and two loads of recyclable material were removed, after which the green strip’s grass was cut.

“The purpose of clean-up actions such as this one is to combat decline and to preserve our beautiful environment. The branch plans similar actions in future to achieve these goals,” says adv. Johan Crouse, chairperson of AfriForum’s Helderbergkom branch.

“These actions are concrete proof that community structures can commit themselves to a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future and get involved to solve problems proactively. We encourage the community to become involved in the branch’s projects,” concludes Crouse.

Get involved in the clean-up actions of AfriForum’s Helderbergkom branch. SMS “Skoon” to 45265 (R1).

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