AfriForum anti-bully campaign and mascot Matteus visit Helderkruin Primary School

The civil rights organisation AfriForum’s anti-bully campaign last week visited Helderkruin Primary School in Roodepoort as part of their bully awareness week. This campaign intends to raise awareness about bullying in schools and includes information sessions with learners, teachers and parents.

“AfriForum wants to work with learners, teachers and parents to stop bullying in schools and to equip the parties with the knowledge they need for this. We also give each teacher a teenage guide that offers advice on how to handle bullying, as well as some activities that they can do with the children to create awareness. Matteus, our larger than life-size bully campaign Mascot, was also introduced for the very first time during the visit to Helderkruin Primary School,” said Leandie Bräsler, AfriForum’s leadership development coordinator.

“The mission motto of Helderkruin Primary School is the full development of each learner’s potential. The bully awareness week strives to develop every learner’s full potential to protect themselves from bullying – bullying in person and bullying in the cyber space. Staff, parents, learners and the community take hands and stand together, with the Lord as our foundation, to be the difference we want to see,” said Elaine Steyn, teacher and guardian of the Board of Helderkruin Primary School.

“I believe it is vitally important to invest through training, guidance and support in young people. This will not only help us to uplift today’s leaders, but also the leaders of tomorrow. It is a privilege to take hands with parents, teachers and the community to stop bullying in schools,” said Pieter van Zyl of School of Life – he was a guest speaker at AfriForum’s anti-bully event at Helderkruin Primary School.

Send an e-mail to if your child/ren’s school wants to join this campaign and leadership development.

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