AfriForum assists in opening alleged sexual offences case against prominent Sandton attorney

A criminal complaint has been filed against a prominent attorney from Sandton accused of sexual offences and grooming a woman from when she was just 15 years old. After 11 years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, the 26-year-old Micheline Urquhart opened the case at the Norwood Police Station in Johannesburg today. Urquhart approached AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit after allegedly being let down by several other attorneys whom she asked to help register the criminal complaints.

In an affidavit comprising several dozen pages, Urquhart sets out how she met the attorney when she was a teenager; how he allegedly groomed her over several years and kept her as his mistress. When Urquhart tried to break it off with the suspect, he pursued her and allegedly made her life hell. Her affidavit contains detailed information about the suspect’s alleged violent outbursts, assaults and drug abuse.

Urquhart states in her affidavit: “I go to sleep and wake up constantly during the night in total panic, fear and terror. I have constant flashbacks of [the suspect] attacking me. Every single day and night I fear for my life. I have physical scars on my body but more importantly, the emotional and psychological scars have severely impacted my wellbeing and my chance to live a normal life like every human being deserves to live. I have been robbed of everything a woman could have and wants to be. The cruel and abusive suspect stole my life from me.”

Outside the Norwood Police Station, Urquhart says she is hopeful the matter will be properly investigated.

“I am here today because I have registered a case regarding various sexual offences against a prominent attorney. I have asked for legal assistance prior to this and I have finally found AfriForum and adv. Gerrie Nel to assist me with this case. I am more than willing to ensure this matter is concluded properly. There has a been a lot of disappointment for being let down constantly for such a serious case; it makes you feel as if no investigation is ever going to be done.”

AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit will closely follow developments in the investigation.

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