AfriForum requests cooperation with National Police Commissioner to combat farm murders

The civil rights organisation AfriForum today sent a request to Lt Gen. Khehla John Sitole, the National Police Commissioner, for a meeting to discuss strategies and suggestions to combat farm attacks and murders. AfriForum also requested that the organisation be involved in the discussions and meetings that the SAPS plans to hold in cooperation with civil society organisations, with the aim of improving rural safety.

“AfriForum has since 2012 been campaigning for farm attacks and murders to be classified as priority crimes. We therefore welcome the National Police Commissioner’s recent commitment that farm murders are to be granted higher priority status,” says Ernst Roets, Head of Policy and Action at AfriForum.

“2020 saw a wave of violent farm attacks and horrific murders, including the murder of a pregnant woman. The cruel murder of Elzabie (54), Breggie (73) and Danie Brand (83) from Hartswater prompted hundreds of people from the local and surrounding communities to march on the Magistrate’s Court to condemn their murders and farm murders in general. It cannot happen too soon that the police start to treat these crimes with the priority they deserve, and AfriForum offers its full support in helping the SAPS to combat these heinous crimes,” Roets concludes.

AfriForum looks forward to the response from the National Police Commissioner.

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