AfriForum safety structures fight back against farm attackers

On the evening of 8 August  the AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Brits, North West, apprehended four suspected farm attackers and recovered stolen items. The neighbourhood watch received an emergency call via the AfriForum radio network about a farm attack in progress, the local AfriForum proto team reacted and were on the scene first after the attack.

The proto team members managed to secure the scene, called in the SAPS for assistance and dispatched the local AfriForum trauma counselling volunteers to assist the victims.

Various items including firearms and the victim’s vehicle were stolen during the attack. AfriForum’s proto team members immediately communicated the details of the vehicle to various vehicle tracking companies and in moments it was established the stolen vehicle was heading in the direction of Pretoria West.

The AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Pretoria West, as well as their proto team, were activated and deployed to all the possible roads the attackers could follow to enter the city. The local SAPS was also informed and they assisted in setting up checkpoints in the area.

Moments later the stolen vehicle was spotted and proto team members and the SAPS moved in to arrest the suspects. Four suspects were aprehended, two others managed to flee from the scene however. The majority of the stolen firearms were also recovered.

“Let this be a clear warning to those thugs who plan farm attacks in areas where AfriForum safety structures are active. If you decide to target innocent civilians with your heinous crimes, we will find you and bring you to justice. Do not think because politicians sing songs about your crimes that you will be spared,” says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s spokesperson for Community Safety.

“This incident also showed how effective AfriForum’s safety structures can operate nationally and across provincial lines with our national communication network. We urge all law abiding citizens who care about the safety of their communities to get involved with their civilian safety structures.”

AfriForum has 168 neighbourhood and farm watch structures across the country, comprising roughly 11 thousand volunteers. The organisation thanks their members for dedicating their time and risking their lives to keep their communities safe.

“We also want to thank the SAPS and private security companies who worked with us to apprehend these suspects. This again shows what we can achieve when communities stand together,” Broodryk concludes.

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